Trend On Business Minute: ERP – WHO’S in CHARGE?

Previously, we talked about WHY & HOW of ERP, that is,
Enterprise Resource Planning, which is a computer system and
software that helps run your company more efficiently. WHY
you should chose an EPR system and How do you choose one? We
looked at questions you should ask before settling on “Your
Final [ERP] Answer”.
This week we continue with two more questions. WHO & WHAT.
WHO’S in Charge?
As soon as you say, “Who’s in Charge?” it’s hard not to
think of the classic, & by classic I mean the epitome of
comedy, sketch, “Who’s on First?”
If you’re old enough, you’ll remember Abbott & Costello
going round and round in linguistic hilarity about Who’s on
First? If you’re young enough not to, youtube Abbott &
Costello in the greatest shtick ever as the two side-kicks
try to sort out the baseball players position and names.

Without clear direction, your ERP implementation process can
end up as confusing as “Who’s on First”. Determining “Who’s
in charge…” of managing the process to choose an ERP
solution is crucial.
Assigning One person — an outside consultant or a current
employee –is imperative.
That doesn’t mean a sole individual is the decision-maker,
on the contrary, a team should come to consensus on ERP, but
a Leader should be assigned to guide the group in the
process. You may have a whole baseball team worth of people
involved in the ERP plan, but designate one General Manager.
Now for the Next Question:
WHAT are the specific business problems you need ERP to
IF ERP is a solution, then the problem it’s meant to fix
should be clearly identified and defined. Another sports
quote fits here as well. When the time to perform has come,
the time to prepare has passed. That means that a lot of
necessary work and preparation needs to be done as to WHAT
do you need your ERP system to do for you?
For instance, do you need to shorten product lead times or
improve communications with your customers? If you want to
improve communication with customers than a CRM module will
give up to date information on customer orders, customer
invoices, ship dates. All information about a customer will
be accessable via the computer. And when a customer calls
all the information you need will be at your fingertips. Be
thorough in your need analysis…in WHAT you need your ERP
to do for you. The effort put in will pay off in the end.

Business Minute as heard on Heidi Feemster & Tamara Leigh’s “Trend On”:

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