Google Employees Around the World Protest Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

On Thursday, Google employees around the globe walked out of their offices to protest the manner in which the company has dealt with sexism, racism, and sexual assault allegations. The walkouts began in Asia and were quickly followed by other offices around the world, including San Francisco and New York. Each protest was staged for 11:10 a.m in local time zones. The walkouts come after a recent New York Times report that revealed Google has protected multiple high-level men who have been accused of sexual assault, one being Andy Rubin who is the creator of Android. Rubin made headlines when he left the company in 2014 as Google praised him for all he had accomplished. The tech giant made no mention of the fact that an employee accused Rubin of pressuring her to perform oral sex on him in a hotel room in 2013, which led to his resignation. Rubin was also paid a $90 million exit package. Two other men were accused of workplace misconduct, one was fired but also received an exit package while the other maintained a high-level position at the company. Rubin denied this claim, calling it a smear campaign orchestrated by his ex-wife to make […]

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