Mass Shooting at a California Bar Kills 12 People

12 people died in Thousand Oaks, California last night when a gunman entered the Borderline Bar & Grill and opened fire. Approximately 15 people were injured during the attack and were taken to nearby hospitals. Among the victims killed during the attack was Sheriff Deputy Sergeant Ron Helus, a 29-year-old veteran who was due to retire next year and the first to arrive on scene, as well as college students.   The Borderline Bar & Grill was hosting its weekly country music night for college students who are 18 and over. According to police statements, the gunman, Ian David Long, walked up to the bar and shot a security guard who was standing outside the bar before entering. Once he entered the bar, Long shot the employee at the front desk and “just kept firing,” according to one witness. Although law enforcement is unclear about how many rounds were fired during the attack, some witnesses reported hearing as many as 30 shots in total.   The suspect, Ian David Long, was among the 12 people who died, officers believe he took his own life. Long was a 28 years old and served in the Marine Corps from August 2008 to […]

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