Former Police Chief is Among 14 Charged of Organizing Baby Trafficking Ring in Peru

On Saturday, the a court in Peru sentenced former Peruvian Police Chief General Raul Becerra, his wife Cinthia Tello, and two others to 18 months in preventative prison on charges of organizing a baby trafficking ring. Fourteen people are accused of targeting poor pregnant women seeking abortions, and then urging the women to carry their babies to term so the group could sell the babies for profit. On the day of their arrest, the authorities rescued a five-month-old baby who would have been sold for $1,200. According to current Police General Walter Ortiz, it is suspected that Cinthia Tello coordinated the ring, which has since been nicknamed “The Soulless Human Traffickers.” Her husband, Becerra, retired from the police force in 2011 after accusations of sexually harassing a subordinate. The five-month-old baby’s parents, their gynecologist, their pediatrician, and the women who recruited the pregnant women were all arrested as a result of the investigation, which began in May 2018. The police believe everyone who was involved has been arrested. The police are continuing to investigate where the children were sold, and if foreign adopters or organ traffickers are involved. Peru has strict abortions laws; the procedure is only allowed if there […]

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