Trump Administration Urging States to Undermine Key ACA Rule

The Trump administration advised states today to disregard the Affordable Care Act rule that states that federal insurance subsidies can only apply to people purchasing insurance in marketplaces created through the ACA. These subsidies are the only form of government assistance for monthly insurance premiums. This new advice is called “waiver concepts” because they target how states can work around the ACA, encouraging states to use the subsidies to purchase health plans outside of the ACA marketplace. These health plans are less expensive because they provide less benefits, coverage, and protections than health plans authorized under the ACA. This could potentially lead to states allowing subsidies to be used in combination with health care funds from employer health care plans or tax deferred savings funds to pay for premiums and medical expenses. If states follow the new advice, then it would seriously undermine the structure of ACA marketplaces, especially the nationwide standards for health insurance. Currently, ACA market place health plans are the only health plans that people can use federal subsidies to pay for. This was designed to help low income and middle class families afford health insurance coverage. However, under the new advice from the Trump administration, states […]

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