UN Report Finds Majority of Female Homicide Victims are Killed by Partners or Family

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime released a report this week that found that more than half of all female homicides were caused by intimate partners or relatives, depicting the home as one of the most dangerous places for women. The report also found that legal efforts to decrease these homicides and protect women have not made tangible progress since the UN’s 2012 study. While men make up the largest proportion of homicide victims, women are more likely to be killed by their intimate partners or relatives. About 34% of all female victims of homicide were killed by an intimate partner while 24% were killed by a relative. The rate of women killed at the hands of intimate partners or relatives is the highest in countries in Africa and the Americas. The report links gender-based violence and killing to factors that include accusations of witchcraft, sex-work, dowry disputes, and sexual orientation or gender identity as well as male jealousy, drinking, and fears of abandonment. Domestic violence and abuse as a whole is rooted in patriarchal power structures and social norms about the subordination of women and the right of men to exert control over women. It is not […]

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