Russian Official Calls for New Laws to Combat Domestic Violence, Regrets Decriminalization

Today, Russia’s human rights ombudswoman Tatyana Moskalkova admitted that she regrets Russia’s decision to decriminalize domestic abuse last year and called for new laws to protect women and children from domestic violence. Moskalkova stated today that she “believes that decriminalization was a mistake and we need to adopt a law to combat domestic abuse.” She went on to say that, “today, a person who is in the family space is not protected from family members who do harm unto them without it being considered a crime.” In 2017, Russia passed a bill decriminalizing certain forms of domestic violence with the support of 368 lawmakers in the first reading of the State Duma, Russia’s lower house parliament. The bill, which is referred to as the “slapping law” downplays the “battery within families” charge to an administrative offense rather than a criminal one. Criminal punishment no longer applies to cases that involve first offenses or offenses that occur once in the year on the condition that injuries requiring hospital attention or days off from work do not ensue. Moskalkova supported the decriminalization of domestic abuse in 2017, arguing that if men were imprisoned for being “mildly abusive” then households would lose their […]

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