Ex-Felons in Florida can now Register to Vote

Today, over a million people are eligible to register to vote in Florida after voters passed Florida Amendment 4 in the November midterms, allowing ex-felons the right to vote. In the 2018 midterms, Florida voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of Amendment 4, which re-instated voting rights to convicted felons as long as they have completed their sentence and were not convicted of murder or felony sex offenses. More than a million people are able to register and vote, which is about 9.2% of the voting age population in Florida. Of the nearly 1.5 million convicted felons in Florida, black people will disproportionately benefit from the new amendment; 17.9% of the black voting age population is now eligible to vote. Previously, about 418,000 black Floridians finished their sentences but were barred from voting because of Florida’s voting rules and the disproportionately high arrests and incarceration black people face. While most states have rules regarding the voting rights of ex-felons, Florida has the highest number of disenfranchised citizens because of its strict voting laws. Before this amendment, Florida, Iowa, and Kentucky had the nation’s most restrictive voting regulations, barring all convicted felons from voting even after serving their full sentences and parole. […]

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