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Stuck in a Rut ? Here’s Your Way Out

While I was on the golf course the other day, I became a little saddened by the way some golfers have a way of showing little respect for the course they play on, to the time, energy and money the course and the groundskeeper put into maintenance so that the men and women can enjoy […]

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Winning The Job War

Have you been on the recieving end of being fired, downsized or perhaps your company is “right sizing” another fancy term used as an excuse to let you go? Well then you are one of many thousands of people faced with the seemingly never ending task of job searches, online search engines and data bases […]

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The Truth About Job Loss and Job Search

Can you relate to the Huggies Commercial about Job Loss? When was the last time you were asked to show up at H.R. or have an untimely meeting with your boss to find out that you are FIRED. Were you able to smile and walk away with a light heart, pack your belongings in that […]

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