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Travel Tips from a Bon Vivant

I never really thought of myself as a “bon vivant” until a friend told me that he admired my  “bon vivant” lifestyle. Then another friend commented, “You have such joie de vivre”. My French boils down to what little I… Continue reading → Read more at: Journeys of a Hybrid

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Train tracks, Mississippi

10 Tips to Nowhere

I realized recently that I had succumbed to the prevailing trend in editorial writing – the “top ten” syndrome – the top ten places to see in a lifetime, 10 tips on how to be more productive, 10 tips for taking better photos, the 10 best towns to live in – you get the picture. […]

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Breaking Barriers – Like a Woman

I’ve been a photographer for the better part of my life. It’s who I am. I’ve been a filmmaker for a big part of it and love exploring this storytelling medium. I’ve also been a woman living in a man’s world. Photography and filmmaking are professions that are dominated by men. The still photography business […]

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view from train

Taking the High Road

Have you ever had a colleague or competitor try to marginalize you or bad mouth you in an effort to discredit you for his or her own personal gain? I’ve had it happen to me a few times and the one thing I’ve learned is that ultimately this type of negative behavior ultimately does more […]

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Open door

Embrace the Word “Yes”

One should never start off with an apology, so I won’t apologize for not posting on my blog. I have learned that rather than focusing on things that can’t be undone, it’s far better to focus on the things that I can do, going forward. The mind is a powerful tool. It can either defeat […]

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