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Although it has been 60 years since the Little Rock Nine entered Central High School, civil rights are still under attack.
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Prominent North Carolina Civil Rights Center Banned from Engaging in Civil Rights Litigation 
Another Civil Rights...

Remembering the Little Rock Nine

Although it has been 60 years since the Little Rock Nine entered Central High School, civil rights are still under attack. Related posts: Prominent North Carolina Civil Rights Center Banned from Engaging in Civil Rights Litigation Another Civil Rights… Read more at: Feminist Newswire – Feminist Majority Foundation Blog

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2013 Holiday Special

2013 Holiday Special

My Gift to You In the spirit of the holiday and to show my gratitude to all my wonderful clients and supporters, I would like to offer new and existing clients a special offer.  Start the new year right with a focus on you, your development, and your joy. For a limited time, you can […]

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Julie Jakopic/iLead Strategies

Are Babies Going to Die?

A striking question. Yet that is the point. I worked my way through college as a manager of an Estee Lauder counter at Bloomingdale’s. In case you don’t know, cosmetics are big business with American women spending nearly $7 billion each year. At the time it was a business conducted with the same calm, warm […]

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trash cans

All She Wanted

What she was thinking: She had been at work all week leading her business.  Somehow she fit in her daughter’s doctor appointments, helped her mother-in-law manage having shingles and caring for her father-in-law who was struggling with serious lung disease. She was getting it all done. She just wanted someone to recognize it. When she […]

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julie jakopic/iLead Strategies

The Dance on Mt. Ida

I live outside Washington, DC.  DC is known for gridlock in legislation and in traffic. It is also a place that people tend to take themselves and their commitments very seriously. So when there is a traffic hold up or any unexpected time-eater, it can be an issue. But never on Mt. Ida. Every morning, […]

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2013.05.09_Grandma Delle


While sitting across the white tablecloth from Grandma and singing “Happy Birthday” it occurred to me how truly beautiful she was on her ninety-sixth birthday. I didn’t think it was possible to be beautiful at ninety-six but she had proved me wrong. She had dressed up in a hot pink blouse and wore a stunning […]

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Stressed OUt

No Pain, All Gain

There are probably thousands of articles which talk about how to work more efficiently, to keep all departments focused on a singular goal, and to help us stay motivated no matter how daunting the task.  As a Recovering Type-A, I am an expert on to-do lists, working smarter not harder, and keeping things moving no […]

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Puppy Love

This week one of my clients told me about the new dog she adopted.  I was concerned for a few reasons.  First, finances are tight right now and a dog can cost of family a thousand dollars or more a year.  Plus my client is trying to release stress versus adding more responsibilities to her […]

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One of my favorite clients visited me recently.  The sessions are a lot of fun for both of us because we toggle between business planning and personal growth.  What I noticed recently is that my client also toggles his personality depending on which subject we are addressing.  We talk about personal goals and he is […]

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Melissa Heisler - LIfe and Business Coach for It


I have a confession.  Many of my clients come to me to find their voice, to claim their lives, and to step into their truth.  I love to help them uncover and accept their true power.  They grow into authentic individuals who take care of themselves while still being considerate of others.  But recently the […]

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You Already Have Everything You Need…To Be Amazing!!!

You Already Have Everything You Need…To Be Amazing!!! People come to me everyday wanting to accomplish great things or to overcome obstacles and challenges in their lives and they seem to think they need to develop a new skill or resource. Most of the time they already posses what they are looking for, they just […]

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pulling a tube behind a boat

Focus and Trust

My husband and I were lucky enough to take a few days off of work so we could have a relaxing cruise on the Chain of Lakes.  One day we met up with a friend and his children.  The kids wanted to go tubing behind the boat.  My husband and our friend took turns driving […]

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Melissa Heisler, Life and Business Coach at It

What is Life Coaching Like?

The other day I was chatting with two friends.  They both mentioned being asked what life coaching was like.  Neither had an easy time explaining the coaching process.  It got me to wondering how many others are not really sure about the process.  There are many different coaches out there specializing in different goals and […]

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When Being STUCK is a Good Sign

Have you been hitting your head against a wall with some large life problem or issue? Money issues, relationship problems, mental and physical suffering… Looking for a new way forward? Sometimes on the way to lifework purpose we feel really STUCK. And this doesn’t necessarily mean we’re off track… Join us Thursday, May 9th at […]

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