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Mental Health Chatbots Are Becoming Popular

I was recently invited by Healthline to write my own review on four mental health chatbots. They were reviews on Talkspace, Joyable, Woebot, and Wysa. If you read the review, you can see that Talkspace and Joyable are not free, and are great alternatives if you absolutely don’t have time to see a therapist one on […]

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And The Scammers Keep on Scammin’

As soon as each scam is found to be just that, scammers find new creative ways to scam people. And sadly, many people end up falling for those scams. Scammers create all kinds of ploys to trap you. At first, they would call you out of the blue claiming that they work for Microsoft.  Then, […]

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No One Is Immune To Depression And Mental Illness

When you heard that both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain lost their battles to mental illness very recently, it threw so many people for a loop. Why? That is because that these two highly successful people- who appeared to have it all, really did not… not at all. The fact that they lost their battles this […]

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Exploring Religions and Delving Into Spirituality

Everyone goes through a time in their lives where they feel compelled to search for their spiritual truth. Especially if you are plagued with mental illness, you tend to wonder why there is a purpose for life. You are compelled to search deep within and find a spiritual meaning to all of this suffering. And, […]

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Emotions Have A Specific Anatomy

Mark Derian of Animus Empire sent this to me and this is what he wrote, and everyone needs to read this: We don’t like to think emotions have an anatomy because emotions feel complicated. But the structure emerges when we know what to look for, and it’s a simple structure at that. No, this doesn’t mean our […]

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mental health Miriam Slozberg

Six Ideal Jobs For People With Depression

The fact of the matter is when you are dealing with depression, you are going to struggle with so much in life. There is a part of you that really does care to contribute something to the world, and there is a part of you that would rather stay in bed and not face anything. […]

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I’m Voting Libertarian and I’ll Tell You Why

  A few weeks ago, a driver ran a bunch of women over on purpose in the city! Unfortunately, many of the victims did pass away. The survivors will be forever traumatized. It was believed that there was a terrorist attack, but as it turned out, the driver had serious mental health issues that were […]

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An Introduction to Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania has another name that describes the condition more simply – hair pulling disorder. It affects millions of people, many of whom may not even be aware of the condition. People who have this condition cannot resist the urge to pull out their hair. Most often it’s the scalp hair that is pulled out, but […]

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Psychic Oz

Why I Approve of PsychicOz

I have talked about in some of my previous posts about how so many psychics are scam artists. As there was one who I went to who predicted things that were too good to be true- and that is because it was! I had also heard from someone else that this particular “psychic” told these […]

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Miriam Slozberg

Putting Mental Wellness Literally at Your Fingertips

For many who struggle with their mental health, finding help can be difficult and costly. Therapy visits can be expensive. Taking time out of the day to visit a therapist may not be practical. Even the stigma of walking through the door of a therapist’s office can be overwhelming. With mobile devices becoming commonplace in […]

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