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Preventing human trafficking takes more than just education

Jes Richardson (WNN) Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: Preventing trafficking and sexual exploitation is more than education; it is building deep friendships with people of all ages within our community and meeting their needs. Part of prevention is education, but the larger part is putting the education into action. Prevention Restoring the community includes […]

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When will we start de-glamourizing depictions of human trafficking?

Jes Richardson – WNN SOAPBOX (WNN) Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: Today, thousands of people will “shine a light on slavery.” As a survivor of sex trafficking, I am deeply grateful but I am also deeply concerned. Who doesn’t want to stop slavery? Well, except for those who own slaves. There’s always them… But […]

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Are heroes who want to rescue those sex-trafficked really the heroes?

Jess Richardson – WNN SOAPBOX (WNN) Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: Former sex worker and sex-trafficking survivor Jes Richardson outlines the dynamics of rescue in the plight of those who continue to be trapped in the multi-national crime industry of human-trafficking today. How can a rescuer’s actions and language not belittle those who have […]

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U.S.: Physicians must identify & report underage victims of sex-trafficking

Cameron Conaway – WNN Justice (WNN) Washington D.C., UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: With her guide dog by her side, child sex trafficking survivor Margeaux Gray presented perhaps the most powerful testimonial at the January U.S. Congressional Briefing: Combating Modern Slavery. “This is my first time speaking in front of an audience like this,” she began. “Even […]

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ILO Initiative Protects Women from Modern-Day Slavery

A Staff Reporter – India West – Wednesday, 11 September 2013 (originally published 08 September 2013) Over 100,000 girls and women in South Asia are set to benefit from a new initiative by the International Labor Organization and the UK Department for International Development, which aims to prevent trafficking within the region and to the […]

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