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Weighing the Benefits and Risks of Supplements on Mental Health

In the past few decades, the use of prescription antidepressants has gone up an alarming 400%. While this isn’t likely news to those with mental health issues who depend on medication to function and work on bettering themselves, there are actually all-natural alternatives that the FDA has been testing for years. While many supplements are generally […]

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isochronic tones

Isochronic Tones: An Incredible Sleep-Aid

  The one strange adjustment issue I have been facing over the last few months due to the significant weight loss is the interruptions in my sleep. This actually started back in the spring when I had already been dropping a lot of weight. The odd thing is that it is said that one advantage […]

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Managing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression This Holiday Season

Guest post submission by Jayna Nickert, MFT on behalf of Focus Essentials:   Well, it’s officially happening… it’s beginning to look a lot like winter… We’ll soon be gathering with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving, and as soon as the pumpkin pie is served the holiday season will be here for the rest of the year. […]

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Creating an Outlet for Managing Mental Health

Guest post submission by Jayna Nickert, MFT on behalf of Focus Essentials:   When your mental health is off it can have far-reaching effects on your mind, body, and life in general. You feel different, your thoughts tend to be more negative, and it feels like there’s something wrong inside your brain. You know these changes are […]

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My Take On Cannabis Becoming Legal In Canada

  On October 17th, recreational pot became legal in Canada, and pot used for medicinal purposes had been legal since 2016. As soon as marijuana became legal, the online dispensaries were sold out in no time. I am not entirely against pot being legal for recreational purposes (however I love how pot is being prescribed […]

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Tips To Enhance Your Organic Traffic

Undoubtedly, organic traffic is one of the most efficient ways to get higher revenue. Most of the people rely on organic traffic to drive away higher income. Thus, the various marketing companies have been hiring SEO consultants to get the best of the revenue. These consultants offer the best SEO services for your benefit. However, […]

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What Is Happening To LinkedIn?

You are probably wondering why I chose the featured image of someone picking up the trash in a post that is about LinkedIn. Well, this image, unfortunately, gives you an accurate picture of what LinkedIn has been turning into over the last few years anyway- it’s sadly becoming trash! And it really is so sad […]

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